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“Your Event is Covered”


Iowa is home to a large number of corporate events every year. We have some great facilities that companies large and small come here to take advantage of from all over the world. Whether it’s an annual meeting to energize your workforce, a trade exhibition or a celebration, we have the staff and the resources to make sure that we can deliver exceptional quality images of your event every time. Every party, every break out session, every piece of collateral that you have carefully picked out to make your event special can be documented.


We know how important impactful images can be to your marketing. At every event we concentrate on showing the important details you worked so hard to create as well as the human interaction. Having incredible photos of people having a great time interacting with your brand is what it’s all about. Let us know what matters the most to you and we will make it happen.

  • Event Photography Coverage - $160/hr

Event coverage includes one professional event photographer providing coverage.Minimum of four hours.

  • Additional Photographer - $120/hr

If the event requires more than one photographer to cover it, a second photographer can be added to make sure everything is documented. 

  • Daily Image Highlights - $250/day

Our team will sort and deliver the "Best of the Best" images up to three times a day during the event.  This will enable your team to post up to date images on your social media channels.​

  • Gallery Hosting - $500/3 months

If you want your attendees to be able to view and download images from your event afterward, We can host a gallery of images that enables them to do just that.  We can even brand the gallery your logo or that of a sponsoring partner.

  • Rush Image Delivery - $250/day

Our team can sort and deliver all of the images captured at your event and deliver them to you at the start of the next day. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment...

We tend to book 2 weeks in advance but sometimes you'll find next day availability,

so just keep that in mind when planning your session!

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The studio is located at 1105 6th St., Nevada, IA on the corner of 6th St & K Ave. There is FREE parking directly in front of the studio and along the side street.

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